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Welcome to the brand new Lucifera fetish gallery website and blog

November 2, 2015 Lucifera
Lucifera Fetish Latex SkinTight Catsuit SimonO Mask CenoBite

Welcome to the grand reveal, welcome to the long awaited and newly launched fetish website for Lucifera.

Like me, I expect some of you have been waiting for this site to finally arrive.

Among these pages you will find all my latex, rubber, leather, corsetry, foot fetish and heavy metal rock chick shoots to-date.

The later, not exactly being fetish but it seems to sit here better than on lady-Lucifera.

More to come:

This site is still in its fledging state, it’s been a lot of work going through all my photos and selecting what ones to use, I can honestly say I am sick of the site of myself! So to begin with I have chosen to release only 5 galleries, but there are more to come… I promise. I am also looking at releasing a members only section and a merch store. So please keep checking back.


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Like with I intend to write and post regular blogs containing, but not limited to, new shoots, candids, behind the scenes, product reviews. Subscribers will be privy to exclusive offers and seeing new releases before everyone else. So why not click on the subscribe section and then share with your friends.

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I am always keen to hear your ideas on what you would like to see more of within my portfolio – perhaps you have a certain fetish you think I’d be ideal for? Drop me a line, let me know, and maybe I can add this style of my site 🙂

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Fan art:

Over the years I haven been sent some amazing fan art, and I just love it! However, due to the fact unless stated, I don’t own the copyright to all of my photos. Please email me first if you wish to adapt an image. This way I can check with the photographer and make sure he/she is happy with this, after all, it’s their hard work.


Social Media:

In the past year I have been moving away from social media websites such as Facebook. Frankly I find these sites extremely limiting, they dictate what you can and cannot post, thus reducing my creativity, it sucks! Plus I have noticed since they introduced the pay to promote option ( who can afford that? ) they have reduced exposure numbers to only a fraction of your following. Sadly I just wasn’t reaching you guys.

I am on the following social media websites, fetlife, Facebook, Instagram, tumblr, and Twitter. Feel free to follow on those, but if you want to be kept fully up to date then this is the place 😉


Right, I should probably let you go and roam my pages, new updates to come shortly.

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Until then,
Shine my arse