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The Sexy Latex S Dress

March 6, 2016 Corsetry, Latex / Rubber, Lucifera
Lucifera Fetish Latex Torture Garden Blue 70s Gown

Like any woman, I love getting gifts, chocolate, perfume you name it really. However being a model you sometimes get some really cool gifts 😉 So when someone gives you a Latex dress, you naturally wear it, flaunt it and love it!!!

So I have this gorgeous new dress, and what is even cooler about it, I swear it’s a 70s style dress. Strange huh?

We found this location last Summer/Fall, but every time we went there to shoot it would suddenly get busy. The near by house would spill fourth it’s occupancy. Who would then mill about getting in the way, watching. Wether they were suspicious we were up to something and would damage the property or that I would eventually strip off is anyone’s guess, but it can make you feel a little uncomfortable.

Lucifera Fetish Latex Torture Garden Blue 70s Gown

So I had an idea, “let’s go back when it’s raining and shoot some latex”. As it turned out, it wasn’t such a bad idea, no people loitering about and it didn’t matter how wet the latex got, win, win!!!

So I slipped on the dress and we hopped in the car and off we went.

Lucifera Fetish Latex Torture Garden Blue 70s Gown

I love this location with its gorgeous Columns and I think it rocks with some elegant gowns, especially latex, and especially this one.

The shoot itself took maybe 2 hours, I was freezing and every now and then the wind would pick up. If you don’t already know, latex isn’t warm to wear, unless it’s warm! So, when it’s cold, it’s like being cold, wet and naked…and outdoors, you feel everything!!!

Lucifera Fetish Latex Torture Garden Blue 70s Gown

We practiced with shallow depth of field and we thought those shots looked really cool. I’m only really used to shooting latex in studios against plane backgrounds. You don’t normally worry about DOF and stuff like that in a studio , I was liking the results. We shot lots against the columns, trying out different poses that would work well with the S pattern on the dress. Then we moved down the steps, catching some more shots along the way and then shot around the side on the grass where we were in view of the nearby house. Thankfully the weather kept the inhabitants inside.

Lucifera Fetish Latex Torture Garden Blue 70s Gown

Looking at the shots afterwards I was delighted to see how many great shots there were, and I admit, as I didn’t have a limit on how many I could choose I was quite greedy and chose a lot!

I honestly really enjoyed shooting this latex gown and shooting on location, of course it’s a lot harder to do than a studio but I felt it made the shoot and the end result less boring.

Lucifera Fetish Latex Torture Garden Blue 70s Gown

I’d love to know your thoughts, would you like to see more latex on location? Or are you preferring bold latex with bold poses against a clean background?

I’ve decided to get a few prints from this shoot made up, so if anyone would like to buy a print. Drop me a line ASAP before I send them off to get printed 😉
Glossy A4 print £20 / $30


Lucifera Fetish Latex Torture Garden Blue 70s Gown

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