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The Blood Countess; Elizabeth Bathory

February 19, 2017 Heavy Metal, Horror, Lucifera, Nude, Special FX
Lucifera Fetish Horror Gore Vampire Countess Bathory Blood-Bath Blood Lust

Elizabeth Bathory, The Blood Countess; The most infamous female serial killer of all time.

WARNING – Shocking Blood Lust Photo shoot of Lucifera in a bath full of blood…

For those of you who don’t know this name ( much to my shock and horror ) Elizabeth Bathory ( 1560 –  1614 ) a Hungarian Countess was said to have killed over 650 young girls, torturing, mutiliating and bathing in their blood in the believe that bathing in a virgins blood would keep her young and beautiful. Certainly a more macabre version of the fountain of youth. She was a distant cousin to Vlad 111 The Impaler or otherwise known as Dracular. Interesting that these two distant relatives where cited as the first vampires in history.

Lucifera Fetish Horror Gore Vampire Countess Bathory Blood-Bath Blood Lust


She has been the inspiration to many films, my personal favourite by Hammer Horrors ‘Countess Dracula’ Hostel 2 and several under variations of her name. She has even inspired heavy metal bands such as Bathory or Ghost to name a couple.

I have been obsessed with her since I first heard of her and over the years the fascination has not eased. When I first got into Modeling I did a tribute shoot to her, I was happy enough with the photos but I always felt I could do better, I wanted to do better and this desire remained with me for years!!!

I suggested this theme to Horrify Me and they loved the idea. The shoot was so much fun, it was amazing getting covered in blood again and this time all those little niggling details that had plagued me from my previous shoot were fixed.

We are delighted to finally be able to show these off. The content is quite graphic so there is no way in hell we would get away with posting them on Facebook or any other social media so we are only showing the safe ones here, Sorry.

We are so pleased with this shoot that we are going to get a select few shots printed up as A1 size posters and glossy signed A4 prints plus for those of you who are not into the old school and prefer the digital format, yes we are going to sell downloadable photo sets too.

And while we are talking about these gorgeous A1 posters. We have decided to also print up a Hellraiser poster too whoohoooo!!!!

Lucifera Fetish Horror Gore Vampire Countess Bathory Blood-Bath Blood Lust

Bloodied kisses my darklings xXx

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