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March 20, 2016 Glamour, Lucifera, Nude
Lucifera Fetish Boudoir Nudes

I’ve always wanted to shoot some erotica, more sexy and sensuous but I admit I alway shied away from it, thinking “oh, I am more suitable to hard fetish and gothic or female empowerment style modelling”.

I saw Mike’s and Jon’s work round the same time ( Spring 2015 ); Jon was, at the time, more daring but Mike’s style had that lovely vintage 70’s Playboy look about it ( soft, muted colours and that magazine print style was very appealing ). I booked shoots with both of them to give this style a try, see if I could turn my hand to it.

Since then I have shot with them a couple of times and been doing quite a lot of Boudoir – a softer side to glamour and eventually moving into the more Erotic and downright naughty, teehee

We were so pleased with the results we thought what a shame we can’t share them on social media and naturally I don’t want Google to rate my website as adult ( it really reduces your exposure ) so we thought why not sell downloadable sets and prints?!!

So we went over some ideas and talked about the level I felt comfortable modelling up to. This is still a little new to me and I felt quite nervous, I shouldn’t have been.

Lucifera Fetish Boudoir Nudes

On the day I shot with Mike we shot for roughly 6 hours and went through an array of lingerie to full nudes. My nerves quickly faded away as we chatted about the bands we both like and the poses / angles we wanted to try – I was starting to enjoy myself 🙂

At the end of our shoot we had several very promising sets and we were really pleased with how great they came out. Usually, on a shoot the aim is to get a couple of perfect shots and then you move on. Here we were shooting for content so we needed a higher percentage of good photos.

Lucifera Fetish Boudoir Nudes

The first two sets we have released are from what I like to call the Peachy Nudes. These were shot in the bedroom with the late morning sun coming through the window. We wanted to shoot natural light so we had to make sure I was in the direct line of light from the window. We agreed to go with something warm, feminine and sensual. I chose a simple peach jumper with sparkly stars on and some girly peach panties and minimal make up.

The shots are warm with soft light – they start of with me teasing the jumper off and eventually the panties down to full nude. All the shots are tastefully done and have this dreamy romantic feel to them. There is a lot of topless and subtle full nudes as I was still feeling quite shy lol.

Lucifera Fetish Boudoir Nudes

You can purchase the first two sets from this shoot now, folders contain around 30 photo and are downloadable.
Set Peach 01 is lingerie to topless
Set Peach 02 is topless to full nude
Set Peach 03 to follow shortly!

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Do you like leopard print lingerie & stockings? You might enjoy the next set we plan to release.

I’ve now shot the more erotic shots with Jon, these are a more graphic content and we plan to only release glossy photo prints or canvas prints of these. Release date to be confirmed soon

We are also delighted to offer the ‘For your eyes only’ EXCLUSIVE photo sets.
Request an image or set of your choice and a photoshoot will be arranged for Lucifera to capture images in a specific style or outfit of your choice. This is subject to Lucifera’s approval of the request.
Copyright remains with Lucifera and the Photographer.

Single image £200 / $300 / E256.20
Set of 6 images £450 / $680 / E576.46