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Lucifera Goes Nude… Photo set Available NOW!!!

June 27, 2016 Glamour, Lucifera, Nude Fetish Nudes Peach 03

Lucifera finally reveals all in her latest romantic boudoir shoot.

“I have kept you waiting long enough…”

This will be the third instalment of the Peachy Nudes shoot taken back in Feburary with Mike. It’s been a few years since I have posed fully nude. With the constant hate and deletions on sites like Facebook it became increasingly hard to share even a slight hint of nipple and eventually I just quit shooting that style of photo. what’s the point when you can’t share them anywhere right?

Lucifera Fetish Nudes Peach Blog

In the past 2 years I have been shooting a lot of Boudoir and approaching  Erotica, I have to say I really enjoyed doing these shoots and I especially enjoy shooting with Mike. I have complete trust him and this goes a long way when you are revealing all or doing something naughty.

Lucifera Fetish Nudes Peach Blog

When we planned to shoot this set, it was painfully cold outside, not that you would think so with the wonderful light coming through the window, I believe it gives these photos a wonderful warm glow.

So please let me present the third and final set from the Peachy Nudes.

Lucifera Fetish Nudes Peach Blog

For those who have not purchased the previous two sets, Drop me an email for the 3 for £45 deal

Enjoy 😉

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