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Let Me Be Your Fantasy – Erotic Photo Set

June 18, 2017 Boudoir, Glamour, Lucifera, Nude, Sets For Sale
Lucifera Fetish Erotic Photoset For Sale Blog Teaser

We arranged to meet in a hotel room at Heathrow, admittedly I felt quite nervous, yes I still get nervous, even though I have done this many times before. I packed my best lingerie and a few kinky role play toys and off I went…

He met me in the hotel lobby with his usual warm smile and we went up to our room which he had booked for 4 hours, surely that will be long enough for our needs.

The room was a stunning conservative number with lamps galore and one of those armchairs that reminded me of the 1970’s. The room would have suited a Chas Ray Krider photoshoot, I was impressed.

Lucifera Fetish Erotic Photoset For Sale Blog Teaser

Let me explain how we got here. As a lot of you know my life has been a bit turbulent for the last 2 years. One bad choice, one little mistake and your life can crumble around you. You can be thrown into constant uncertainty, not knowing where you will be living in a couple of months times of if and god forbid you’ll end up on the streets. So I have been very stressed and anxious and not shooting as much as I would like.

I currently live and work in south east London but I need to move out of where I am living and although I really love my job it’s not providing enough hours. So for the 3rd time in two years I am planning on packing up all my belongings and moving once again to somewhere I hope to be more permanent.

However saving is slow so this is where this shoot comes in. I was delighted to see how well my previous sets sold so I arranged with Arrow Photography to do another shoot with the intention of shooting themed sets to sell. I admit we touched lightly on erotic roleplay for these but with his usual soft romantic style.

Lucifera Fetish Erotic Photoset For Sale Blog Teaser

This first set comprises of one large bed, Agent Provocateur red lace and a bondage mask. The set is up to topless level and even if I do say so myself I love these photos!!! 40 shots total plus bonus images added to show my appreciation for your support.

I’ve popped in a few teasers, yup no boobies but you’ll get plenty of my Devils Dumplings if you buy the set.

Naturally I appreciate feedback as this helps me to get the photos you want on my next shoot.

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All my love and enjoy ❤️

P.S. can’t wait to share the next set