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Leather Gallery added

November 16, 2015 Leather, Lucifera
Lucifera Fetish Leather Puimond Corset With Harness

I was once asked which I preferred leather or latex, and honestly I could not answer.

I have noticed over the years that most people tend to prefer one to the other. Many of you I have encountered are pure latex enthusiasts. However I have also encountered a fair number of you that have a devoted obsession with leather.

Now I confess I get less a demand for leather than I do latex, but as I love leather ( probably because at heart I am a metal chick who was influenced in her early years watching bands like W.A.S.P. Judas Priest, Doro and Lita Ford. All that leather and spikes, certainly made a lasting impression on me, and I find myself lusting over leather every bit as much as latex.

In this gallery you will find lots of leather Corsets, mostly by my favourite corset designer Puimond. Leather thigh boots, and the obvious cliches like the studded and spiked goodies.

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