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Latex Gallery added

November 16, 2015 Latex / Rubber, Lucifera
Lucifera Fetish Latex Corset Purple SkinTight Tile

Welcome to the newly refurbished Lucifera website. After 2 years from launching my last website designed I felt it needed a refurb and a few elements it was missing.

In terms of content I have stripped it back a lot and I will gradually build it up but within fetish related styles.

Today I am introducing you to the new latex gallery.  I’ve been modelling and wearing latex for over 10 years, so naturally as you scroll through the photos to the earlier shoots you will see a lot of the older shoots I have done which, you have no doubt seen before. I have also thrown in some candids from Rubber Cult and also some never seen before shots.


Lucifera Fetish Latex Bondinage Purple Dress Hoop

While putting this site together I have been doing a few latex shoots, and as this site gets more active, these too will be blogged and added to the gallery.

Lucifera Fetish Latex Skin Tight AtsukoKudo HourGlass

Lucifera Fetish Latex Skin Tight AtsukoKudo HourGlass

Here are a few of my favourites you will find when browsing the latex and fetish gallery.


Click here to see the latex and fetish gallery