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Hourglass Figure in Agent Provocateur Lingerie

March 13, 2016 Corsetry, Lucifera
Lucifera Fetish Corset AgentProvocateur Plumb Silk Lace Vintage Hourglass

I’ve become quite an avid fan of the perfect hourglass figure and corset training. I admit, I am far from being great at it, but we all start somewhere.

I bought my first corset back in 2003 at the Expo, part of the Erotica franchise. I recall I saved up for a couple of months before going.  I think it was £300 I had saved up and I thought I could do some major shopping with that – how naive I was.

I saw so many amazing and cool things at that Expo, but when I came across this corset stall, I got measured up and I knew I had to walk away with a corset. I spent £240 on my first corset. It was a beautiful patent leather underbust 22″ by an American company called Dark Garden. I loved it and I’ve cherished it ever since.

I have bought many corsets since then, but that first corset is still the best fit and I confess when I have been a good girl and done my corset training, it has been in that corset. Now, when I was doing my regular corset training I would sleep each night in this corset and it did a fantastic job for my figure. I know a few people who wear theirs all day or even go to the gym and jog in theirs. I once asked a personal trainer about wearing a corset all day or to the gym and they said this was tremendously unwise because it affects the function of our lungs while we are breathing in and out. while wearing a corset, this naturally compromises our breathing so it’s extremely unwise to wear one when working out. I dare say sleeping it a corset isn’t any wiser but I felt it worked for me.

For those who wish to look into corset training, please visit this link.

Lucifera Fetish Corset AgentProvocateur Plumb Silk Lace Vintage Hourglass

It’s been a few years since I have regularly corset trained and I confess when I put them on now I do struggle. This brings me to my latest shoot.

A while ago, I came into possession of this beautiful lingerie made from deep plumb silk and lace. It’s beautiful and I wanted to save it for a special shoot. When I tried it on I thought it looked fantastic but I wanted to train my waist during the weeks leading up to the shoot to get a more hourglass look.

On the day of the shoot, we shot in a studio, I wanted a more high fashion grey background if we couldn’t have the stylist location I had hoped for.

Lucifera Fetish Corset AgentProvocateur Plumb Silk Lace Vintage Hourglass

The shoot quickly unraveled to one of those shoots where you have no sync with the photographer. Our ideas were clashing. I wanted to really get something special out of the shoot but he was preferring to opt for the easier ( lazier ) options. It was heartbreaking and I knew this would be out last shoot together. I had shot with this guy a number of times but over the years and I was witnessing his decline in enthusiasm on every shoot as his complacency took over.

This is in part while I have held off on releasing these photos. I can see such potential and although I do love the photos, they do not reflect the aspirations I had for this beautiful outfit

I am thinking for when I am fortunate enough to reshoot in this outfit, I would like it to be a beautiful boudoir style in a hotel room, perhaps with a beautiful bay window – a girl can dream right?!

Lucifera Fetish Corset AgentProvocateur Plumb Silk Lace Vintage Hourglass

If any photographers read this blog and feel they can do it justice, please drop me a line, help me to create some photos that do the lingerie justice. It has beautiful embroidered lace detail on the bodice, bra and briefs.

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Much love and kink

Lucifera xXx