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FetishShop Feature…

July 11, 2016 Corsetry, Latex / Rubber, Lucifera
Lucifera Fetish Leather Studded Bra

FetishShop who have done features on many well known fetish models has just released a large feature on yours truly…

I am absolutely thrilled with the piece they put together and hope you enjoy it and their fabulous website.

Seeing this feature inspired me to do a bit of a recap and share some of my favourite shots from previous photo shoots.


Click here to see the Fetish Shop Feature


Lucifera Fetish Latex Bondinage Purple Dress Hoop

Taken on my first photoshoot with Mike Cohen – This was my first purple latex dress, as you know I have bit of an obsession with purple and often ask Bondinage to make me outfits in this shade of transparent purple. The hoop was a lot of fun with the help of a wind machine.

Lucifera Fetish Corset TightLacing HourGlass Puimond White Underbust Brunette Evil Barbie

I believe this was taken on my third photoshoot with Mike Cohen. It didn’t start off so well as I fainted on the train making my way to this shoot, and had to take things easy. I was determined to shoot in this lovely corset which I had just received from Puimond though. Puimond are my absolute favourite corset designers. we called the shots from this set ‘Evil Barbie’

Lucifera Fetish Latex Corset Purple SkinTight Tile

This was taken on my second photoshoot while in Brighton. The latex corset is by Inner Sanctum, I love their latex but I dislike how long it takes them to ship your order, I wanted months and months for this to turn up. I don’t know if the still have a London based shop you can pop into to purchase your latex but if they do, that’s what I’ll do in future. I really love this photo because it combines purple with the lovely blue of the tiles and I think thats a great colour contrast. I matched my eye make up to the corset and used MAC Cosmetics ‘Parfait Amour’

Lucifera Fetish Latex Ego Assassin Metallic Blue Dress in Poppy Field

This will probably always be a favourite of mine. Taken by Mark Perry. Usually I only shoot the Tudor styles with Mark, but I wanted to do something that year that would be an overload of colour. Come the early months of summer I always see people post white dress or nudes in the poppies and blue bells. I wanted the colours to really contrast. so I chose this gorgeous Metallic Blue latex dress by Ego Assassin. The shoot took roughly 2 hours. Mark doesn’t one flashgun to create a spotlight, so he is frequently telling me off for being a fidget and moving out of the light. I used Blue eyeshadow by Mac and a blue lipstick I got in a goth shop one year so it must be about 12 years old LOL

Lucifera Fetish Latex Horns Thrills

This is from my first photo shoot with John Farrar. I had admired his work for many years before getting the courage up to ask him for a shoot, Now he is a dear friend. On this shoot we wanted to combine Avant Garde with Fairytale Gothic. This is was inspired by the film ‘Legend’ and titled ‘Black as Midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch. Horns by Livs Creations, Latex by KaorisLatexDreams, Atsuko Kudo and Bondinage.

Lucifera Fetish Latex Maleficent

Sticking with the fairytale theme. This was my first shoot with Kestrel. Kestrel and I had been dancing around the idea of working together for around 10 years, I don’t know why it took so long. We wanted to create our own version of Maleficent ( something we had planned 6 months in advance, before we knew of the new Angelina Jolie but ironically we shot just as it was launched ) The dress was custom made by Bondinage for this shoot.

Lucifera Fetish Latex WestWardBound Skeleton Catsuit Spike Heels Chessboard

I have been shooting with Dean since 2003, we have become best friends and I always admire his professionalism. His ability to never shy away from ideas I have and to approach them boldly. This shoot was no exception. he pre set up the studio with a giant role of venal flooring as I had been gun ho on this theme. The catsuit is by Westward Bound,I am corseted underneath.

Lucifera Horrify Me Clive Barker Hellraiser Pinhead Cenobite Demon Fetish Latex Topless

“Such Sights to Show You”

I’ve been obsessed with horror and most importantly Cenobites since my teens. I always wanted to do a Pinhead shoot, but never thought it was possible, then I saw the work by HorrifyMe and I am now proud to say I have shot with them 4 times with more themes planned. All Latex is by Westward Bound. the make up took over 6 hours, with each pin painstakingly glued on. We wanted to create a replica of the original film poster, HorrifyMe got the lighting down perfectly and I spent time on practicing the Doug Bradley Sneer.

Lucifera Fetish Latex HouseOfHarlot SimonO Cop Prison Cell

Ever seen the music video by Firehouse for ‘there oughta be a law’ ? that song inspired this shoot. Not exactly the cop I know but I love how different this is compared to my usual style and look. The Dress is by House of Harlot and the Latex stocking look leggings are by SimonO. The prison cell can be found at Murder Mile.

Lucifera Fetish Latex Plunge Gown Crown Gothic

Another one from my first ever shoot with John Farrar while shooting the Avant Garde Gothic / Fetish look. Headdress by Livs Creations. Fran did an amazing job on the make up which was inspired by Elvira 😉 I look forward to shooting with John more in the future.

Lucifera Fetish Latex Skin Tight AtsukoKudo HourGlass


Another purple latex dress is lace affect by Atsuko Kudo. This dress is now being reserved form special occasions.

Lucifera Fetish RockChic HeavyMetal ToxicVision

This was taken on my second shoot with Simon Fairclough, who is a right laugh to work with, so we don’t get a lot done truth be told. This is me sporting some of my Toxic Vision goodies with an old Punky fish top I had laying around ( it’s seen better days – so I wanted to get a shot or two in it before it falls apart ) I am wearing this with Kuchi Tribal Jewellery and my old bullet belt. post work was done by me on this one.

Lucifera Fetish Latex SkinTight Catsuit SimonO Mask CenoBite


Latex by SimonO, I got this funky mask and wanted to try it out on the shoot. Mike is a good laugh and easy going, not afraid to try new things, so we went with all black make up, looks pretty rocking doesn’t it? Rubber cult used it as a poster not long after 🙂

Lucifera Fetish Latex Bondinage Red Dress Red Hair Grime Room

Ive lost count how many shoots I have done with Dean, this is from one of them when I still had red hair. in a dress by Bondinage with cool metal work. taken in Deans grime room, love the grime room…

Lucifera Fetish Latex Tiger Mini Corset Dress Leggy

From my first photoshoot with Mike Cohen, wearing my gorgeous Tiger latex by Murrey and Vern. Sinopa Rin is now the proud owner of this amazing latex.

I recall Mike had the wind machine on right infront of me, it was blowing up my skirt and it was utterly freezing on my bits LOL

Lucifera Fetish Latex SkinTight Red Bondinage Catsuit in Rubber Room

Also from my first shoot with Mike Cohen. Had great fun bouncing around in this make shift rubber room, its harder than it looks!

Latex catsuit and corset are by non other than Bondinage, with bondage tape for my high ponytail. Mike encourages you to grab your boobs a lot…

Lucifera Fetish Latex Red Plunge Dress Smile

Honestly, I wanted every single shot from this shoot, I loved every photo, so it’s hellish only being allowed a couple. Tashan did big wing eye makeup and we went with the classic movie star look. adding lots of sparkly jewels to this stunning red latex dress by Atsuko Kudo. I realised this set for Christmas a couple of years ago.

Lucifera Fetish Leather On Custom Chop

From my only shoot thus far with Stewart Richards up in Grimsby. He contacted the local biker club and got them to all ride their bikes in so I could take my pic what I posed on. I those this stunning custom that had been imported over from the states and a gorgeous blue Harley. I badly wanted this one though.

I really hope you enjoy my photos and my posts, feel free to drop me a line if you have a favourite shoot of mine you would like me to blog about or you if you have seen some latex or something you think I would be interested in.

I have enjoyed modelling for 15 years, its a lot of hard work but so much fun and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon

much love to you all

Lucifera xXx