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Elvira – Queen of the Dark, & Metal!

January 6, 2016 Heavy Metal, Leather, Lucifera
Lucifera Fetish Leather Corset Spikes Latex Elvira Gothic

This past week has been full of surprises! and when I say surprises, I mean being contacted by a photographer and them saying ‘hey, recall that shoot we did last summer, or last year? Here’s a photo’.

Well I had two such examples of this happening this week, imagine my surprise. Thank you John 😉

I’ve shot with John Farrar a few times, he is fantastic at creating those bold and iconic shots every model aspires to have in their portfolio. So John has worked with most of the best. I’ve been very fortunate to have shot with him twice now and I can honestly say every photo that comes back is a master piece! I know he puts a lot of time into each edit, we’re not talking 5 minutes in Photoshop here, we’re talking magazine quality airbrush. So given the time he puts into each photo, you usually only get one photo back per outfit. Which is fine unless you’re feeling somewhat greedy, which I confess I sometimes do.

John came online the other day to wish me a Happy New Year, then the next thing he says is that he has a photo he would like me to look at. I don’t know what I was really expecting, something amazing obviously but much to my delight I happened to be a photo from our first ever shoot. Gosh was that really two years ago???




So this gives me the perfect chance to explain the story behind this actual photoshoot, of which a lot of planning went into.
Around the time I got talking to John I ordered this corset by sweet Carousel Corsetry. I recall waiting months for it with a terribly anxiety, it had been love at first sight. A corset that screamed everything I love, tight, sexy, hourglass, cleavage and a ton of spikes ‘Yeah’ the likes of Rob Halford, Blackie Lawless would approve I am sure 😊


Around this time I also started admiring alot of the Avant Garde styles I had seen and was itching to try some. After much discussion we agreed on something very 80s, metal meets Elvira.
So I took a long the corset, the neck piece by Prong ( a recent discovery my last visit to erotica ) and the wonderful arm pieces by Nokturnel Eclipse ( two people who over the years have offered me a ton of support and make some amazing leather goodies, check them out folks )


And to complete the Triple whammy of fetishes, I threw in some latex leggings to complete the look!

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