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November 16, 2015 Corsetry, Lucifera
Lucifera Fetish Corset TightLacing HourGlass Puimond White Underbust Brunette Evil Barbie

Corsets are a wonderful thing if you ask me, they help you to achieve the perfect hourglass figure, being that I am naturally a curvy girl anyway, with big boobies and hips, I have always covered that small waist, and the smaller the better for the more extreme hourglass it creates.

When I first purchased a few corsets many moons ago, they were the plastic boning type. They were OK but in hindsight, I would not call these proper corsets.

I bought my first proper steel boned corset at the skin two expo in London 2003. It was a 22″ patent leather clincher, ideal for corset training. It’s still one of my firm favourites now.

Over the years I have purchased corsets from a few different places but so far my absolute favourite corsetier is Puimond – I love their quality and good service.

Recently I purchased a new corset ( which I am now waiting for ) from MorganaFemmeCouture and I am really looking forward to trying it on.

In this gallery you will find an assortment of corsets, ranging from beautiful satins, taffeta and leather.

enjoy TightLacers x

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