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Anything Goes, an Erotic Horror Story by Destiny West

October 12, 2016 Horror
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What is the sickest thing you have ever done?

This is a question my friend of many years Destiny West asks you when you first meet her. She has that deadly combination of charisma and sneakiness thats perfectly adapt at probing your inner most thoughts and luring your secrets right out you.

This is a story by Destiny West, This story isn’t for the faint of heart, This story was designed to disturb and arouse – depending on your inclination.

© 2002-Destiny West

‘What is the sickest thing you have ever done?’ Graham typed and pressed ‘enter’. The words appeared next to his name on the chat screen interface.
He waited for a response.
Charlie: I sodomized my Grandmother on her deathbed.
Graham laughed out loud. ‘I like this guy.’ He said to himself and looked at the clock in the right hand corner of his monitor; they had only been chatting for about an hour and they had so much in common.

Lucifera Fetish Blog Destiny West

Graham: Was she dead?
Charlie: No she died the next day though.
Graham: Didn’t she say anything?
Surely his Grandmother wouldn’t have laid there and let him just fuck her up the arse like that, Graham thought to himself.

Charlie: She was a senile old cow, had Alzheimer’s. By that stage she wasn’t talking anymore, just constantly drooling. LOL
Graham: What was it like?
Graham had always wanted to have anal sex, not with his Grandmother though. Plus let’s face it, even if he did want to do it to the old girl he would have to delve into grave robbing.

Charlie: I’m surprised I didn’t crack her hipbones. LOL could have been better, it was pretty slack down there: I think my Grandfather must have got there before me. And you?
Graham: Me what?
Charlie: Well I told you the sickest thing I have done, what’s yours?
Graham thought for a moment whilst he took a sip of his coffee forcing the now cold bitterness down his throat in one hasty swallow.
“I fucked my sister.” Graham typed and pressed enter.
Charlie: What’s so sick about that?
Graham: She’s a spastic.
Charlie: Cool!
Graham: I fucked her mouth.
Charlie: What and she didn’t bite? LOL
Graham: The doctors took out all her teeth years ago, she was always biting the sides of her mouth and her tongue when chucking fits. The sores would turn into ulcers.
Charlie: Gross.
Graham nodded to himself, remembering times when his sister’s mouth had been so infected that the stench from her breath was enough to make you vomit let alone the sight of it.

Charlie: Tell me more?

Graham grinned to himself.

Graham: Are you tossing yourself off?
Charlie: NO.
Charlie continued to stroke his cock.

Graham: It was like a year ago, our parents were out and I got left to care for her until the nurse was due to arrive. She was just sitting there in her bed looking straight ahead with those vacant eyes of hers. She was drooling with her mouth agape and I thought what the hell. So I got up on the bed and shoved my cock into her mouth. I held her hair really tightly and fucked her mouth, ramming my cock down her throat. It was amazing- the grip of her gums on my shaft, she kept gagging too, and all this bile stuff was coming up and lubricating my cock. I came so hard. Shot my load straight down the bitch’s throat.

Graham could feel his cock throbbing in his pants.

Charlie: Nobody found out?
Graham: No, she had one of her usual fits afterwards and nobody had a clue.
Charlie: Have you done it again since?
Graham: She’s in a home now.
Charlie: How old is she?
Graham: twenty-one.
Charlie: Maybe we could go visit her together sometime? LOL
Graham wondered if Charlie was serious. He would sure like to hook up with this guy.
‘Just imagine all the sick shit we could get up together.’ Graham thought to himself. ‘As they say; two minds are better than one.’
Charlie: You there?
Graham focused back on the computer monitor.
Graham: Yeah I’m here, just reminiscing.
Charlie: So have you had sex with her too?
Graham: No mate, she’s my sister! LOL
Charlie laughed out loud, his cock was so hard he thought he might burst.

Charlie: You win round one.
Graham: Round one?
Charlie: Yeah round one of “the sickest.” Want to keep playing?

Graham’s interest was sparked.

Graham: What do you have in mind?
Charlie: Who can do the most sickest thing ever.
Graham: Go on?
Charlie: We meet back on here at say, 10pm each night and let each other know what sick things we have done for the day.
Graham: You could just be making it up?
Charlie thought for a moment.

Charlie: True. Okay you have to produce proof.
Graham: Like?
Charlie: photos, video.
Graham: Great and how about we move to phone calls, these chat rooms aren’t exactly secure.
Charlie: Yeah I agree, give me your email address and I will send you my number.
Graham typed in his email address and pressed enter.

Graham: And what about the proof?
Charlie: I’ve got a digital camera. You?
Graham: yeah, me too.
Charlie: So we’re all set. Let’s see who can be the sickest.
Graham: And anything goes?
Charlie: Anything goes! Till tomorrow.
Charlie’s name disappeared from their private chat room. Graham sat for awhile looking over the remains of their conversation left on the screen and pondering what to do next.
He didn’t have to reply to Charlie’s email, he could pretend this whole evening’s conversation had never happened.
However Graham wasn’t one to back down from a dare or a challenge.
‘Something sick?’ Graham asked himself aloud. How on earth could he top what he had done to his sister?
He logged out of the private chat room and watched the main room’s conversation for awhile. Graham half-expected Charlie’s name to be there still, but it wasn’t; unless of course he had logged out and come back in under a different handle.
Graham signed out and sat staring at the computer screen for a while.
The computer beeped and the ‘new email’ message came up from the bottom of his screen. He clicked on the message and was taken to his email account.Sure enough, it was from Charlie giving Graham his phone number and own email account details.
‘I can still back out.’ Graham thought to himself.
But deep inside he didn’t want to.
‘I’ll give it one go and see what happens.’ He decided and switched his computer off and went to bed.
Charlie’s phone rang, it still made him jump even though he had been expecting the call and was seated right beside it.
‘Charlie?’ A strange male voice asked.
‘It’s me, and you must be Graham?’
‘Sure is, nice to talk to you.’ Graham replied.
‘I got your photos. Did you get mine?’ Charlie asked.
‘I certainly did.’ Graham said. ‘So, do you want to go first?’
‘Okay, I’ll take it from the beginning, but remember you’re not allowed to look at the pictures until I finish.’
‘Sounds good.’
Charlie began.
‘I’m into sick stuff right? But I have to say this whole challenge thing kind of threw me. Even though it was my suggestion. Now, I didn’t have just my own sick taste to cater for, I also had yours. Plus, after your spastic sister, I thought ‘how the fuck am I going to top that?’ I’ve seen some bizarre shit on the internet, stuff I wouldn’t even dream of doing. Scat and water sports you know?’
‘Yeah.’ Graham agreed.
‘So I had a few ideas, it took me nearly all day to find what I was looking for. Fuck, it wasn’t easy, but I found her. Money can buy you pretty much anything you want nowadays can’t it?’
‘It sure can.’ Replied Graham.
‘I found this prostitute with a false eye. She was an old slag in her late 50’s. Her body was like riddled with lard, with saggy old moo- cow tits and beef curtains that I swear she’d have to tuck into her granny knickers to keep them from falling out and dragging across the floor when she walked.’
Graham laughed, picturing the image in his head.
‘So, she was all juicy and raring to go when I offered her a sum she couldn’t refuse to fuck her eye- socket.’
‘No way!’ Graham chuckled.
‘Yes way. The old bitch couldn’t take the money fast enough. There and then, right in front of me, she popped that eye out and stuck it in a glass of water she had beside the bed.’
Graham listened keenly; he could feel his arousal building.
‘I ain’t even seen an empty eye socket in real life. It was like this dark hole and you couldn’t see much. Neither could she, come to think about it.’
Graham started laughing.
‘I was thinking ‘what the fuck am I meant to do now?’ But obviously it wasn’t the first time she’d been asked for this service. She proceeded to grease my cock up all nice and slick and told me to go for it. So holding my cock with one hand, I positioned myself in front of her wrinkled face and nudged my cock into the socket. I didn’t know how hard or deep I could fuck it without killing her, but she pre-empted my thoughts and guided me.’
‘What was it like?’ Graham groaned with excitement.
‘Grade A mate.’ He replied. ‘Not as good as a pussy or mouth, but it gripped my shaft real tight. When I was ready to cum she took it out her false teeth and took me in the mouth until I shot my load down her throat. You were right about the gum thing mate, amazing.’
‘Yeah, it is.’ Graham agreed, stroking his cock through his trousers.
‘Then she took her eye out of the glass and popped it straight back in and- you’ll love this- for extra sickness, I downed the water it had been sitting in.’ Charlie laughed to himself.
‘Should have seen the look on the old bitch’s face when I did that. I swear she was going to puke.’
‘You’re sick.’ Graham laughed. ‘Can I look at the picture now?’
‘Yeah.’ Charlie replied.
Graham opened the email and scrolled down the page.
There were two photos. The first one Charlie had obviously taken looking down at himself as he had fucked the woman’s eye socket. The other picture -of Charlie- looked like it had been taken by the woman.
‘Okay, your turn.’ Charlie said.
‘Well, after our chat last night I was thinking exactly the same thoughts you. I was wondering what the hell I was going to do for this challenge..’ Graham coughed clearing his throat.
‘Anyway I work in a hospice. In the morgue. It’s usually only me down there ‘cos the place can’t afford many staff. So I have the run of the morgue and the bodies. Naturally, I fucked a corpse.’ Graham said in a matter of fact tone.
‘Necrophilia? I’m impressed.’ Charlie replied. ‘Tell me more.’
‘Most people in the hospice range from their early twenties onwards. We have all types but no matter who they are, they don’t have long to go. Mostly they have either a type of cancer or AIDS. Well, I wasn’t going to fuck somebody who had died of AIDS. But we had this cancer victim die this morning, a lady in her 40’s. It’d started off as throat cancer and she’d had to have a tracheotomy. Then it spread pretty much right through her. Anyway, the orderly had brought her down first thing this morning; she’d died during the night. She looked dead, I mean she was; but this woman had looked dead before she had even died, know what I mean?’
‘Yeah, my Grandmother was like that.’
‘Well, this woman’s corpse was like skeletal. She’d lost all her hair too. Damn shame, you could tell that in her prime she must’ve been a looker. Anyway I had her on the trolley, I’d cleaned her body and so she was naked. First of all I had a good explore. You know, groped her tits and fingered her pussy, licked my fingers.’ Graham sighed. ‘Tasted mighty fine too. Then I buried my face between her thighs and gave her a good licking. When she was all lubricated up with my saliva I took off my pants and rammed my cock into her. She was real tight you know, it surprised me. Looking down at her face, I even kissed her on the mouth. I was thrusting away when I wondered if I could fuck her in the mouth.’
‘You like that don’t you?’ Charlie gasped, aroused by Graham’s story.

‘What bloke doesn’t?’ Graham replied and continued his story.
‘But when I’d been kissing the corpse, the mouth was like, real stiff. I couldn’t even prize my tongue between her lips. So I pulled out of her pussy and made my way up her body about to force my cock into her mouth. Then I saw her tracheotomy.’
Graham paused for a moment, listening to Charlie’s soft groans while masturbating.
‘My cock was nice and slippery from her pussy, so I guided it to the tracheotomy hole and forced my way in through the flap of skin.
I fucked her in the throat.’
‘Did she swallow?’ Charlie grunted with amusement and excitement.
‘She had no fucking choice mate! Open the email.’
Charlie didn’t need any prompting, he stared at Graham’s photos.
There was a selection.
One of the woman’s corpse on the morgue trolley.
Another of Graham fingering the corpses pussy, and then another one of him eating her out.
Then there was two more: One of him sliding his cock into her pussy and the finale was one of his cock rammed into her tracheotomy hole.
Charlie stroked himself harder over the images before him until he climaxed and spurted his cum all over his hands and thighs.
‘I take that it was good for you?’ Graham breathed hotly down the phone, himself very aroused from eavesdropping on Charlie’s self pleasuring.
‘Fantastic.’ Charlie agreed steadying himself. ‘You’re the master, but there is always tomorrow.’
‘I look forward to it.’ Graham smiled. ‘OK ‘til then, bye.’
They both replaced the receivers at the same time.
Graham studied Charlie’s pictures on the screen in front of him and went about taking care of his own erection.

At 10pm the following evening Charlie was waiting anxiously beside the telephone. He was already gloating to himself. Surely his antics today would see him way in front in the challenge.
Right on time the phone rang. Charlie immediately picked up the receiver.
‘Yeah, it’s me. Shall I go first today?’ Graham asked.
‘Sounds fair enough.’ Charlie replied. He could wait his turn.
‘After what I did yesterday, it got me thinking about more sick stuff I could possibly do to the unfortunates that come to me on a daily basis. Today I hit the jackpot.’
‘Go on.’ Charlie urged him anxiously.
‘Well we’ve had this young guy in the hospice for a few months now. He’d been clinging to life and had carried on a lot longer than expected. He was in his 30’s, got bowel cancer just like his father before him. Not much they could do for him, he’d had all the operations and treatments. And like all the others at the hospice, he didn’t have any family to care for him. Anyway, I remembered about you fucking your old granny up the arse. Now, I confess I’d never had anal before, but not from the lack of wanting it though. But a lot of women, especially the ones I come into contact with, won’t let me near their arses to save themselves.’
‘Bitches!’ Chimed in Charlie.
‘Too right. So I thought, ‘well I’ve fucked a corpse, so why not do another.’ So here’s this guy, good looking lad too, nice arse like a woman. Shame to waste it.’ So I roll him over onto his stomach and give my cock a nice lubricating and guide it to his arse. I had to force it in, and man, it was tight! Tightest thing I ever felt. Gripped my shaft nicely though. I didn’t know how long I would be able to contain myself for. Then I caught a glimpse of his colostomy bag. I hadn’t cleaned this guy up yet, so I hadn’t removed it. It was full of runny shit, but you get use to seeing stuff like that. I pulled out and got off the table, and flipped the bloke back over. I mean, I’ve lost count of how many colostomy bags I have removed in my time, so it was all natural for me. I disconnected the bag and removed the tubing. Before me is this perfect hole just begging to be played with. So I positioned myself and fucked it. Slid my cock straight into this dead guys guts and fucked him till I spurted my load right in him. Don’t imagine it was the first time he’d had a belly full of cum neither, by the looks of him.’
Graham paused for a moment. ‘You can open the pictures’ He said.
Charlie clicked on his email and stared at the pictures while Graham continued.
‘Then, after I had finished, I looked at the bag of shit. I had wondered why there are so many sick perverts out there into this scat business, so I decided I’d have a taste for myself. I opened the bag and was about to stick my finger into the faeces when I thought of something better. I rolled the corpse over and shoved his cock in it. It was rock hard. Corpses are sometimes like that. I covered his cock in his own shit and sucked and licked it off.’
Charlie looked at the pictures of everything Graham had described.

The scat ones made him dry retch.
‘You’re sick, man.’ Charlie said. ‘But not as sick as me.’
‘Continue.’ Graham said, keen to hear Charlie’s sickness for the day.
‘I owe this one to you.’ Charlie began.
‘It was your story about the dead woman that had me wondering what dead pussy would actually taste like. But I don’t have access to corpses like you. So anyway, I went driving down around that same area where I’d found the one eyed prostitute. Eventually I came across this lovely young thing. Twenty years old if she was a day, sweet firm body. Obviously a runaway selling her body for cash. So, I picked her up. And being careful that nobody was watching, I brought her back to my place. Gave her the cash up front and she got her clothes off. I had plans for this girl, but I wanted my fun too. First, I got her to suck my cock. She was good. Real good. She let me hold her head and fuck her sweet tight little mouth; taking my 8 inches all the way ‘til she was literally gagging for it. Then I laid back and let her fuck me. She impaled herself all the way on my cock and rode me hard. It was heaven. I haven’t had pussy like that in ages. When I’d cum, I flipped the girl onto her back and decided to try a bit of her pussy. Buried my face right between her thighs and slid my tongue into that juicy cunt. She squirmed and moaned beneath me. Right little whore she was.’
‘Go on.’ Graham pleaded, cock in hand.
‘She tasted good, really sweet. The juices were squirting out of her. I love that.’
‘So do I.’ Graham agreed, breathing heavily.
‘I was licking and munching away when I thought. I moved my mouth away, which had her begging for more. ‘Lets play’ I told her and tied her hands to the headboard and gagged her. Kinky games turned her on even more. I went straight back down to my feast, really got her worked up, sucking hard on that stiff swollen clit. Then I bit her. Her whole body jerked up, but I held her pelvis down and continued to bite at her pussy. Chewing on her flaps until I was ripping through the flesh and her blood was filling my mouth. I ate her pussy Graham. Munched away her flaps and chewed off her clit. Look at the pictures.’ Charlie insisted.
Graham clicked on his email, sure enough there were pictures of Charlie and the girl. Even one of when he had finished the ‘meal’.
‘She’s still alive you know.’ Charlie told him.
‘What?’ Graham thought he must be hearing things.
‘She’s still here in my bed, alive.’
‘What you going to do with her?’ Graham asked staring at her mangled pussy.
‘Don’t know yet, any suggestions?’
‘Are you going to kill her?’
‘Guess I’m going to have to aren’t I?’ Charlie said with excitement.
Graham thought for a moment. He’d never dreamed things would go this far. It was too exciting and arousing to back out of now.
Maybe Charlie would let him have a go of her if he asked. But he knew that would be taking things too far. Charlie was going to commit murder and Graham didn’t want to be involved in that.
‘You still there?’ Charlie asked.
‘Yeah, I am.’ Graham said still staring at the pictures.
‘So how should I kill her?’ He asked.
‘I don’t know. But at least you have a start for tomorrow.’ Graham replied.
‘So I have, but to what levels of sickness can I go?’
‘If it’s anything like today, I better start thinking of what I’m going to do.’
‘ ’Til tomorrow then.’
Graham hung up the phone and continued to stare at the picture of the girl’s pussy. He imagined how frightened she must be.
‘Perhaps I should save her?’ He thought to himself.
‘She’d be eternally grateful and let’s face it, what guy is going to want her now with that pussy?’ The question was rhetorical.
‘I want her.’ Graham answered himself aloud. He wanted her so badly he felt like his cock was going to burst.
‘I could kiss your pussy better.’ He groaned, stroking the image of mangled flesh on the monitor.
Graham came hard.
He climaxed while looking at the girl’s pictures, envying Charlie and imagining what he might be up to right now.
‘I should go over there.’ He thought to himself, wiping the sticky fluids up with a towel.
In last night’s email Charlie had included his address. Even then, Graham had wondered if it had been an invitation.
‘Only one way to find out.’ He thought to himself grabbing his car keys from the table.
‘This is crazy, Graham said aloud to himself, ‘I don’t even know what she looks like.’
Sure, Charlie had said she was a babe, and from what Graham could actually see of her body, she had looked good.
With the aid of the A-Z that he kept in the glove box of his car, Graham found the address and turned off his headlights.
He pulled his car to a stop on the verge opposite and sat for a moment, trying to work up the courage.
‘He gave me his home address.’ Graham said trying to convince himself. ‘He wouldn’t have done it unless he’d have wanted me to use it.’
He got out of the car and alarmed it via his key ring, and headed towards the house. All of the windows were dark except one.
Graham slowly walked up the driveway towards the front door. He took a deep breath and knocked quietly. Nothing. He tried again, more loudly this time.
Within a few moments the door opened and Charlie stood before him.
‘Graham?’ Charlie said with surprise.
Graham nodded.
‘Well what can I say? Come in, come in. I never expected this.’
‘You put your address in last night’s email.’ Graham said.
‘So I did. And I’m glad you saw it as an invitation. That is, if it was me you were coming to see?’ Charlie said, leading Graham inside and shutting the door behind him.
‘Of course, who else?’
‘Don’t play games with me. You came to see the girl of course.’
Graham grinned. ‘Well, I must admit that was an extra bonus.’
Charlie’s hand touched Graham’s shoulder and led him down the hallway and into the living room. The only light came from a lamp in the corner.
‘Now, can I get you a drink?’ Charlie asked him.
‘No, I’m fine, thanks.’ Graham replied restlessly. He wasn’t entirely sure that he had made the right decision in coming here.
Charlie stood in front of him, his breath hot on Graham’s face.
‘So. Would you like to see the girl?’ He asked.
Graham nodded.
Charlie ushered him across into another hallway that led towards the back of the house. He stopped outside of a door and opened it.
The room was completely dark. Charlie moved inside and flicked on the light switch. The light was on a dimmer switch.
On the bed in the middle of the room was the body of the girl. Her face was concealed by a rough pillow-slip, into which Charlie had cut slits for her eyes and mouth. The fabric moved in and out with her breathing. Her arms were still tied to the bed head and her body was completely naked.
Since the photos had been taken there had been a few minor adjustments: Now the girl’s legs were also tied to the ends of the bed. Strips of fabric bound her ankles, spread-eagling her.
Graham could not see the girl’s vagina. It was covered in blood stained medical gauze.
‘Would you like to play with her?’ Charlie asked, walking across to the bed and sitting on its edge.
The girl struggled at his presence, writhing and making noises against her mouth gag.
Graham looked at her body, it seemed twisted and distorted. He wondered if this was a just a trick of the light or from the work of Charlie.
‘You can touch her.’ He offered.
Without speaking, Graham reached out ran his hand over the smooth flesh of the girl’s thigh.
Her skin cringed and tensed at his touch.
‘Bet you’d like to do more?’ Charlie said, his hand touching Graham’s back.
‘Oh yes.’ Graham cooed, bending over to inhale the girl’s scent.
He suddenly felt a sharp pain hit him in the back of his head and his knees buckle underneath him.
He didn’t know how long he had been unconscious for.
His head throbbed and his eyes took a while to adjust to his surroundings.
He was tied on the bed next to the girl, his arms were bound tightly by the wrists and his legs were splayed out spread -eagle with his ankles bound.
He slowly turned his head to look at the girl, forcing the movement through his pain.
Graham realised he was staring at his sister.
‘Jenny?’ Graham whispered.
Her eyes stared vacantly at him.
Charlie’s figure loomed over him.
‘She can’t talk, the cat’s got her tongue.’ He said. ‘And I mean that quite literally.’
Graham vomited over himself.

‘Oh come now Graham, don’t pull this weak stomach shit on me now. I mean, you’ve even fucked her mouth. Now, not only hasn’t she got teeth to get in the way, but her tongue’s gone too…’

‘You bastard.’ Graham spat.
Charlie sat beside him on the bed. It was then Graham realised he was naked.
Charlie’s hand ran through the contents of Graham’s stomach and raised a handful to his mouth and ate the reeking chunky bile.
He licked his fingers.
‘Mmmm, tasty… just like your sister.’ He commented, looking directly into his eyes..
‘What do you want?’ Graham demanded.
Charlie laughed at the word.
‘Want? Amateurs should never accept challenges from professionals.’ He said, his hand running down the length of Graham’s body to linger on his cock.
‘You were turning out to be a little bit better than what I was expecting, and I can’t have you ruining my reputation.’
‘I don’t want your “king of sickness” title, you fucker!’ Graham snapped.
‘Ouch.’ Charlie sniped, stroking Graham’s penis.
‘So, what do you want?’ Graham demanded again.
‘What do I want? what do I want?’ Charlie sing-songed.
‘You’re crazy.’ Graham spat.
‘Of course I am. I never denied it. Now, let me see. Well, I want this for a start.’ Charlie said, severing Graham’s cock with a razor-sharp knife.
Graham started to scream.
Charlie, clutching the severed cock shoved it into his new victim’s mouth.
Graham tried to spit out his penis, and blood gushed out of the stump in his groin.
Charlie’s bathed his hands in the flow of gore as Graham continues to gag and retch against his own flesh.
‘Do you taste good?’ Charlie asked, licking the Graham’s blood off his fingers. ‘Yes, I know you do.’ He smiled.
‘Now what have we here?’ Charlie said fingering the gushing wound where Graham’s cock had once been.
‘Looks like a nice little wet hole to me.’
Graham’s eyes widened with even more horror.
Charlie climbed onto the bed, his cock rigid. He held it tightly with one hand and guided it towards the gaping wound.
‘Not much left to fuck after this, is there?’ Charlie remarked and rammed home.

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