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A Fetish Filled Christmas and a Shiny New Year

December 23, 2015 Latex / Rubber, Lucifera
Lucifera Fetish Latex Skin Tight Bondinage Inflatable Boobs Red

As Christmas is upon us once again, with the promise of a Happy New Year, I am very pleased to finally release these Shiny New latex photos here for you now.

These were taken back in September, from my last shoot with Mike Cohen in some stunning Red latex. The red latex body with inflatable Boobs and the red and black clincher are by my first latex love affair Bondinage. The gorgeous sheer and red stockings are by the amazing SimonO. I think you will agree that together with the red knee high boots these 2 items of latex make a perfect outfit. I really enjoyed wearing them with my hair up in a ponytail and some vampy red lipstick by MAC to complete the look.

Lucifera Fetish Latex Skin Tight Bondinage Inflatable Boobs Red

I am sure I have said this numerous times but as it’s my blog, I can say whatever the hell I like… Bondinage are one of my all time favourite latex designers. I love how their designs compliment the female form but in a strong empowering way. They never seem to shy away from the bold and sometimes fantastical while creating outfits that are sexy, strong and dare I say practical? Yes that’s right, I often like to wear my lace up leggings out when going to a gig or a club, and their clinchers go with almost anything ❤️

I do have more Bondinage shots to share with you soon, I’ll let you take a wild guess of what it might be though 😉

Click here to see some shiny, skintight goodness – squeak!!!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xXx

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